Can I Take Your WTF?!?: 15 Hilarious Drive-Through Fails


Can you even remember life before fast food drive-throughs? Us neither, but we bet it was hell. Like we’ve heard that people had to actually park their cars in a parking lot and walk to a door, pull the door open, and enter the building and then stand in line for three to five minutes, then walk back out through a door and over to their car and get it. We are exhausted just typing all of that. Drive-throughs just make life soooo much easier. And sometimes they are downright entertaining when you run into weirdos like these.

Holy French fries and WTF? The sad irony of this image is that, there is probably nothing wrong with this woman except that fact that she is obese and has trouble walking, and so now she’s on a Scooter, still eating the very food that put her on the scooter in the first place. The drive-through attendees should be allowed to refuse service to obese and obviously-unhealthy people just as bartenders have a right to refuse service to people who are too drunk.


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