Class of WTF – 15 Incredibly Awkward Yearbook Photos


High school is that time in all of our lives when our hormones are flummoxed and as a result we make some really bad decisions. Like getting a tattoo of Justin Bieber’s face on the small of our back or shaving half of our head. But hair grows back, and Bieber’s face can be covered with makeup or removed with a laser. Photos, on the other hand, are forever, which means if you happened to have been one of those kids who took a horrendous yearbook photo, you can and will be mocked for the rest of your life.

Here now are 15 incredibly awkward yearbook photos.

Daniel and Mr. Pepper went everywhere together, so it was no real shock to anyone that they would want to be in each other’s yearbook photo. Sure it was a little odd because Daniel was a junior and Mr. Pepper only a sophomore, and because Mr. Pepper had made out with Daniel’s girlfriend behind his back.

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