These 15 Acts of Vandalism Will Make You Laugh


Before you take a look at these images we would like to say that we think vandalism is wrong. And illegal. And you shouldn’t do it. Now, having said that, there are times in life when a little bit of vandalism brightened someone’s day. Where a little message spray-painted here brought a smile to a child’s face; where some well-placed stickers completely transformed something that minutes before had no real life in it. So, okay, sure it’s illegal, but you have to admit, sometimes a little vandalism can make something just… well… better. Take these 15 acts of vandalism that are sure to make you smile.

L-Oh-f*ing-L. Now come on, see? Before that bit of vandalism this billboard was a total buzzkill. Why does it have to be all gloomy and sh*t? No one likes a sad sack, even if that sad sack is trying to save lives. People want comedy, and that’s exactly what this vandal gave them. Well done, vandal, well done.

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