These 15 Giant Bugs Will Haunt Your Dreams


There are just certain things in this world that ain’t right: taxes, Justin Bieber, summer colds, dried out meatloaf, foamless cappuccinos, and not recycling to name a few. But of all the not right things we can think of off the top of our heads, about the not rightest is bugs that are so big they are terrifying. Let’s be honest, many bugs of a normal size can get the ol’ heart racing, let alone giant bugs that are something out of a nightmare.

WARNING: If you have a bug phobia, or even just really really really don’t like them, you’re gonna hate what you’re about to see.

The Titan Beetle is the world’s largest species of beetle. Some people call them giant cockroaches (thanks for putting that thought into our heads) but they are not roaches at all but rather genuine beetles. Titans are the longest known beetle in the Amazon rainforest and found in Columbia, north Brazil and French Guiana. They prefer hot, humid regions. Perfect, we like cooler, drier regions.


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