This Guy Hilariously Recreates 13+ Glamorous Celeb Outfits


Life before the Internet life was dull. We had no memes, no viral videos, no way to keep track of every single thing celebrities did and said and wore. It’s amazing any of us survived those times. Some of you reading this now don’t even remember life before the Internet, and for your blatant youth – I hate you. Be that as it may, before the Internet we had no way to be thoroughly entertained by a chubby guy who creates glamorous outfits out of garbage bags and duct tape and all sorts of crazy things. But that’s exactly what Brazillian blogger known as Johndrops to his Instagram followers does, and the results are HILARIOUS!

Uh-oh, it looks like someone has suffered a nip-slip! It’s amazing what one can do with some plain white Tshirts, scissors, and what looks to be Reynolds Wrap.  What we love best about this image is that John has been able to capture the same attitude as Kendall Jenner, a feat not easily accomplished.

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